December 1, 2014

Thankful some more.

Can you believe it's December?! I know everyone is balking at the fact 2014 is almost toast but seriously, c'mon....this year FA-LEW by. Maybe it had something to do with having a baby or something. Or getting old. Oh my word, my death bed is getting closer and closer with stupid time going faster and faster.

Uh oh, not a death post, I swear.

How about them Seahawks?

Got to enjoy the game on a super chill Thanksgiving day. We originally planned on traveling to visit family but a few days prior decided that we needed to scrap all our plans and just be together. To be a little family around a little dinner table and spend this time super laid back like. The way life has worked out we've been apart for quite a few holidays so this was just what we needed to hit the reset button on our family time - and kick off our theme for next year. But more on that lay-ta......

I asked the kids what each person wanted to eat and Mike (who's not a kid) said pumpkin pie, Avila wanted cranberry sauce, Levi said chicken, and Max didn't care. So, I kept the menu simple and made a little brined turkey (didn't kill it, yay!!!!), mashed potatoes, green beans, stuffing, cranberry sauce, rolls (bought those I confess), gravy, and pumpkin pie. Everything was gluten AND dairy free and for being a sucky cook (although I can rock an awesome salmon) everything turned out flipping awesome. The only thing weird was the pie because it was more like a pumpkin pudding pie and the texture threw Mike off But the kids loved it and Levi cried when I cut his into pieces because "THAT'S NOT HOW AWAWA AND MAX DO IT, MAMA!!" (cry cry cry wail wail wail....insert new piece of pie here).

I even made the pie while talking with my sister which is a huge #forthewin because I'm known to ruin boxed cake mix. Me and recipes don't get along.

The kids were so excited to see the table all set and I wouldn't let them see it until it was ready. Sparkling cider and wedding china to boot. A beautifully simple meal on a beautiful simple day and we filled our little Thankful hearts up with joy and our bellies with food.

Food coma. It's a real thing...Levi's 3 hour nap afterwards told me so.

Close the day out with SeaHAWKS and the weekend with more resting and house decorating (and me finishing my XMAS shopping, can I get a what what?) and lots of hanging out and you have the recipe for a good kick off to this crazy season of getting ready for Christmas.

Advent is now upon us and I'm keeping that simple too but I must still be full from Thanksgiving 'cause I'm too tired to post about that now. No wait, I'm tired because formerly-awesome-sleeping-baby Lola is now waking 2 times a night - 1am and 4am. I HATE THE 4 MONTH SLEEP REGRESSION. I guess if there's anything to be thankful about it's that she won't be 4 months for much longer....

Peace Out Thanksgiving. Bring it on Christmas.

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