December 5, 2014

What this blog is.

Hmmmm, I've been mulling over this blog. It's direction, what it's about, the awesome things I see in store for the upcoming year. I feel rejuvenated and I actually like doing it - instead of seeing it as just another thing on my ever-growing to do list. I'm really praying and pondering over the direction that this little slice of my life is going to take and I see some really cool things in store - at least cool in my mind. (I think shorts are cool in the winter so you can be the judge as to my coolness factor....)

But before we dive into all the different topics I want to cover and where I see this thing going, here's a bit about who I am - take it or leave it.

Random sunrise picture aside....

You see, I want this blog to be real. I don't care to spend my time sugar coating life and making everything seem all great all the time because, well, it's not. On one hand, I do always try to look at the bright/right/sliver lining part of every situation because that's where the learning and the growing and the peace comes in. I don't just want to mull over the stupid stuff and then leave it at that. On the other hand, I don't want to paint this picture of "I have it all together" because, really, I don't. I'm trudging along just like everyone else - sometimes thriving, sometimes sinking - and I don't ever want it to seem like I'm better or something just because I have a point of view.

And speaking of point of views...I have tried, at various points in my life, to suppress my beliefs, my way of thinking. A way of thinking that is shaped by my faith, all of the crazy life situations I've been through, and who I want to become. For a while I thought that if I just play nice in the sandbox that people will like me better and I won't cause trouble and all will be sunshine and roses. But that got boring. Plus, no matter how beige you become, not everyone will like you, and that's OK. So, when it comes to this blog sometimes I will be frank and sometimes direct and it may feel uncomfortable, annoying, convicting (?!), and I may get an eye roll or two. Eye rolls are fine (I actually got called in for a parent-teacher conference in 8th grade because I rolled my eyes too much) and not every post will be for everyone but you can be assured that I won't hide under a rug in an attempt not to ruffle feathers.

See...woken up early from a nap. Feathers (aka crazy hair) ruffled.

BUT, I'm also not going to shove things in your face. (Unless it is a cinnamon roll from Flying Apron bakery in Seattle. Then I will shove 5 in your face because they will rock your world. I have a giant one waiting for me for cheat day tomorrow, wahoooooooo) Yes, I may be honest and forthright, but my journey is my journey. No, I don't believe in relativism and I do think there is morality and right and wrong, but that's between you and your maker. I'm just here to spew out what's on my heart in attempts for people not to make the same dumb mistakes as me, for people to have someone to relate to when they are going through crap in life, to be an inspiration in living simply, to share all the lifestyle hacks I've stumbled across to make my life easier, to be on my knees with you in faith and prayer, and to (allow God to) be a voice in the cacophony of life.

(forget about everything I just said and go eat one of these.)

So there. Who I promise to be in a nutshell. I won't share everything here, which is good because Michael would kill me if I posted Levi all dressed up in girl clothes. (Get older Lola so Avila has a playmate....) But I will share me. Take it or leave it, the me that God is calling to never stop growing, to never stop sharing, to never stop wearing my heart on my sleeve.

So, with that, if there are any topics you would like discussed here on this little slice of the internet, don't be afraid to share. It'll prolly be a little of everything but that works. I'm not setting out to be giant in the blog world - just to be real and to appease my introverted self who would rather write than talk on the phone.

And now, TGIF. But the TGI part can't quite come yet until I've folded all the laundry. Because then and only then can we bust out the party hats.


Jen Y said...

I love it! You do your thing, those that love it will stick around those that don't, wont, but you don't need them anyway! :)

Sheena Hutchinson said...

I love the "raw" you! Thank YOU for being YOU and sharing a little (or a lot) of your world with the rest of us. You are truly a beautiful soul.

Mendels said...

Love this! Being real is so refresing. I have a discussion question you can probably chat about, but don't have to do a whole blog post about, and maybe you can just refer me back to a previous post, but what do you wear for quality NURSING tops? As you know well, tops that get nursed in get worn out/stretched out quickly. I loved your recent clothing post and wondered if you nurse in those tops too? I'm thinking about starting with good nursing tanks but where to go from there?