January 14, 2015

6 months young

Well, gulp. Here we are. Milestone in my brain #2. First I said I just had to make it to 5 months. (Lola being the 5 months...) And now, today, she hits the 6th month mark and I can exhale once again because, like clockwork, things (dare I say it???) are getting easy.

OK OK, not easy perhaps. How about easier.

I mean, all I really have to do is feed, change, and put her to bed. The big kids keep her entertained and Avila totes her around the house like a personal rag doll. And, well, Avila can even put her down for naps (in the car) and can deal with whining and crying to figure out what Lolita (nickname #5) needs. And did I mentioned WE ARE ON A SCHEDULE PEOPLE. I made it, I made it, to the schedule I made it (I was singing that in my head in case you were wondering. And dancing).

AND did I mention I moved her from the swaddle/craddle deal into her crib?! Big kid territory here she comes. Man, does she love it. It took her a day to get used to the big open space - apparently she was up talking for an hour in the middle of the night the first night I put her in there but I can tune everything out and Michael finally had to wake me up to go nurse her back to lala land. And for her first nap in the crib she woke up about 20 minutes into it, rolled over to her belly and cried for about 15 minutes wondering what the heck happened but then proceeded to take such a long nap that when I finally went in to awake her, she wouldn't move. Nope, just laid as still as a board snuggling down into her mattress, not giving me the least bit of attention. Don't worry Lola, I do that when I have to wake up too. Some day you will jump out of bed because COFFEE is on the other side.

Things are also starting to get fun. We are entering the "baby is here to make everyone laugh" stage and she does that well. Her personality is so big and so small all at the same time. She laughs more than any other baby I've had but also has this quiet, snuggly, mysterious side I haven't figured out yet.

And, man, is she loved. Especially by scary toddler man.

Let's rewind a bit. To be honest, I wasn't all that jazzed up about another baby. Sorry if I've mentioned it before, just trying to keep it real. I mean, we wanted more kids but not at that exact moment. However, upon that + sign that signaled our lives were about change, I felt a sense of peace wash over me - a peace that (despite my other plans and desires) settled me into knowing for sure no matter what this was exactly where I needed to be. Fast forward through a tough/easy pregnancy (share about that late-a....'cause I discovered some things that made it way more better (thank you Max for that coming out of my mouth) this time around) to the last 2 weeks before she was born and I was grumpy again. Grumpy that I had to give up so much for this baby especially during the summer when really all I wanted to do was lay outside and get a tan. And run White River 50 again. Like I said, just keeping it real.

But then she came. And in an instant everything I thought I ever wanted was no more. She was my world and I fell in love and she has blessed us with such baby awesomeness.

And now that she is really growing up I can both rejoice and lament in the fact she is getting bigger. Soon this baby stage will be a distant memory and she'll become a big kid and life will get even easier. Totally looking forward to it while trying to not wish time away. Except I'm super over all of the annoying baby stuff. Oh man, I can't decide what I want. How about I just shut up and you can stare at this:

You're welcome.

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