January 12, 2015

Family Adventure 1.0

I must be tired from the weekend or something because it just took me SEVEN tries to write the word family in the title of this post. And it took me THREE tries to write the word something. BRB, time to get more coffee....

It's amazing how fast one can down a cup of joe...

Anyway, this past weekend (Thursday - Sunday) we snuck away and headed to the Washington coast. We had three nights out at Moclips that we purchased at an auction almost a year ago and we were going to use it as a last hurrah before Lola was born but that never happened...So I scheduled it a few weeks ago and Michael actually took a day off work (what the what?!) and we escaped to a place with no cell service and lots of puzzle time and movie watching and beach combing and toddler hand-holding. That last part was my favorite.

Actually the no cell service part was my favorite. I try my darnedest to be off my phone during the day but, well, you know. So when it was no choice that I couldn't connect I was left, um, reading a magazine (although NOT EASY while wrestling a stupid nursing baby who just wants to eat the pages instead), playing games, building puzzles, and just *being* with my kids without the pressure of the silly rectangle light up toy in my pocket. Every morning I'd take the kids out for a walk on the beach and told myself that (other than like 5 minutes) there would be no pictures and no phone checking. (Because oddly enough the beach was the only place I got reception...) It. was. awesome.

And from my mouth to your ears I cross my heart hope to die stick a needle in my eye swear I will be ever more mentally present to my wee ones now that we are back amongst the living. Because kids are actually fun and cool to hang out with, imagine that.

There were awesome parts about the time away (I think I got that covered above) and not awesome parts (like the no-sleep because the bed sucked and the kids ALL THE KIDS decided to be on a 2-hour rotation of waking up at night and kicking each other or wanting to nurse - but the nursing part was only Lola) but in the end it was us, getting away, making memories, learning lessons and no matter if it was perfect or not it was perfect because we were together. Preach it sister.

OH, and one last thing. Who ordered up the flipping awesome weather? Flipping as in flip flops and shorts in January. And not a drop of rain until we pulled out of the parking lot. I'll take it, man.

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Jen Y said...

Looks like you had fun! I need to get one of those phone stand things so I can take pics of all of us from more than an arm length away!