January 8, 2015

Our first to run away

I guess Max is taking to heart this whole "Adventure" theme of our year. Because he ran away. Like packed a bag, walked out the front door (well, with our help. he's not allowed to touch the door handle...) and headed down the dark street to our neighbor's house. Apparently he wanted to go for "8 days" and he packed all the right necessities, I must say. Enough clothes and underwear (and socks, even though he doesn't really wear those), Captain America and a Nerf Gun. Because every boy needs a (nerf) gun on their adventure. Don't know what spurned all this on, but maybe he really did pay attention when we read Tom Sawyer...

But a half hour at the neighbor's warranted an "I miss MOMMY!" (which melted my heart by gosh) and he was back home in no time. I must say I love watching this boy grow up. He's always been so unassuming and laid back that it's nice he finally does something bold. Yes, son, run away. But always know you are welcome back in mama's arms anytime.

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