January 28, 2015

Phone Dump 5.0

So I have the whole postpartum post just about finished but I need to be done with that one and post some cute pictures or something. Because we have had a ROCKIN' week. Like awesome kids, awesome sun, and awesome everything (except Lola's teething sleep. NOT awesome).

So, without further adieu here is some loveliness that is the last week of January.

Artist Study: Picasso. We had to miss our CC class last week so we did our own Artist deal and these turned out awesome.

Some rockin' tower making.

Grape NUUN, Perrier, and Lemon. All it's missing is some vodka.


On the menu this week: carrots/spinach/ciltaro, peas/broccoli/avocado, banana/pear/apple/avocado, and so many sweet potatoes her nose is turning orange.

SUUUUUUN. And dead plants. 

Avila reading to Levi. I get to listen to her read and he gets a reading buddy and I get to make dinner.
Win Win Win.

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