January 19, 2015

Silly babies, GO HAWKS, and an OOTW

Apparently I'm only inspired to write while standing up. Because right now I'm sitting in a comfy chair and despite the fact that I have the house to myself (big kids are with daddy and Lola is napping) I can't seem to write worth crap. Or maybe it's the long weekend throwing me off. Or maybe it's that I have 7,000 things on my TO DO list and it's easier to stare at a blank screen than do any of them.

Oh well.

At least the Hawks are going to the Superbowl!

And at least Lola ended her nursing strike! Kind of.

Silly stupid girl. I should've expected it to come since her cheeks have been red from teething but it always seems to catch me off guard - I go to sit down during our feeding sesh and have my "me" time away from the world and she decides to blow bubbles or get mad. Not fun and not fun. And then she decides to make up for it at night when she's all passed out and can't think straight (and I'm all passed out and can't think straight).

Apparently the only way she will nurse now is only on her right side and only if I sing "Blackbird" by the Beatles. I was super annoyed for like a day but then realized that I will probably remember staring into her eyes whilst singing more than I'll remember all the random crap I searched for on my phone. Silly stupid babies. Always teaching me things. Always making me forget about myself or whatever and actually do something valuable with my time. Dang it. Wink Wink.

Anyway, with a Hawks win and date night, we had a great weekend. Michael and I went to see American Sniper (awesome movie you HAVE to see it) and since it was my "cheat meal day" I totally wore something with a NON WAISTBAND so I could eat ALL THE POPCORN. Hence the overalls….

Jacket Nordstrom BP old - similar here // Tshirt James Perse //  Overalls Current Elliot // Shoes thrifted Calvin Klein - similar here // Necklaces Stella and Dot and Kate Spade // Watch  Daniel Wellington // Lipstick MAC Matte Embrace - similar here

AND my new favorite shoes!! Scored these bad boys at a local consignment shop and I'm wearing them into the ground already. TIP: only buy something if you need it, love it, or it speaks to you. I'm so not good at keeping my own commands but these did speak to me so, you know. Plus they are totally running-around-after-kids approved. Hashtag gotta love a good platform.

And for Church. Channeling the Seahawks??

Sweater Velvet by Graham and Spencer - similar here // Pants JBrand // Lipstick MAC Matte Embrace

OK, so I now have a list a mile long from all of your awesome post suggestions and I'll be ticking them off one-by-one. Tick tock tick tock. Oh man, I just realized January is almost over. Seriously?! Hashtag what the hawk?

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