January 4, 2015

This Weekend.

Michael just left to take the three big kids to a movie. Big Hero 6...again. His turn to see it. So awesome the kids are going twice because it's that good. And mama gets ALONE time to be awesome - except I'm not going to be awesome, I'm going to meal prep and blog and school plan (we start again tomorrow) and email people back and nurse a baby and whatever else can pop up in 2 1/2 hours.

Oh wait...oh my, just got this picture text:

So cute, but Levi is wearing my RAY-BANS THAT I SEARCHED EVERYWHERE FOR THAT THEY HARDLY MAKE ANYMORE IN THAT SIZE. OK, breathe. Just sunglasses. Just my favorite -ist sunglasses.

This weekend was pretty bomb for the mere fact we did nothing big, got a lot done, and the kids had good parent time. Much needed mama and dad time because last weekend they were gone with grandma and grandpa at the beach. That trip was certainly awesome timing as I had the house to put back together and tons of random purging and that's easier done when kids aren't around to complain what is given away. I did end up getting rid of the random music toys to make way for the Nerf Guns. Because Nerf Guns are cooler than tambourines. Hashtag we're not in the 70's anymore.

Yesterday, Michael took Avila and Max ice-skating with his parents and Levi and I hung back to read books, watch Planes, hang out in boxes, fold laundry, and put Christmas away. I also spent half the day trying to get Lola to poop because she hasn't in 4 days and, well, she's quite mad about it. My poop trick totally works (she tries so hard every time I tell her to go) but she's all plugged up - I even put her on the toilet to get her little body in the right position, told her to go poop and she dropped a wee one (TMI, probably) but still no big shabang. Poor thing.

Aaaannnyway, last night was out to dinner with Michael's family, then we hit up a bar (NO KIDS ALLOWED IN THOSE THINGS) for wine and oysters. But we stayed up util 10pm again and we are old and 10pm sucks when you get up at 5:00. Or nighttime, as Levi puts it.

Jacket - Nordstrom, old clearance find. Similar here.
Sweater - Loft
Faux Leather Leggings - Nordstrom BP
Watch - Karl Lagerfeld 
Bracelets - Stella and Dot

Mass was bright and early at 8:00am and the boys wanted to wear their suits, which meant they made daddy wear a suit and I kept Lola up during Mass (VS napping) and she decided to do that totally awesome (NOT AWESOME NOT AWESOME) high pitch scream she's become known for. Up and down the aisle I went carting a baby who does not want to be known as the fourth wheel.

(Otherwise known as the penny that got taken away because he bit his plastic smoothie straw and had to pay for the damage...)

 (Otherwise known as James Bond because he's also sporting a black eye.)

Top - James Perse Blouse (Nordstrom Rack), similar here
Pants - Joe's Jeans
Shoes - DV by Dolce Vita, similar here
Bracelet - Stella and Dot

After Mass I put her down for what ended up being a 2 1/2 hour nap and I hit the road for 7 miles of pure, rainy bliss. I haven't run much outside these past couple months (mostly treadmill) so it was like freedom on a stick. Running : introvert :: ice cream : children - HEAVEN.

(Otherwise known as the pink lipstick that won't come off even in the shweaty rain.)

The only sucky thing about running is I get super cold afterward, and when you combine that with the post-run smoothie I felt like Anna from Frozen, freezing to death. 7 hours by the fire and 3 hot cups of tea later and I'm better. Standing over a stove, steaming 1,000lbs of veggies and baking chicken and roasting fish probably helps too. Speaking of meal prep, here's what I'm tackling for the afternoon:

Steamed zucchini, snow peas, cauliflower, broccoli
Veggie soup
Baked cod
Grilled chicken
Roasted eggplant
Turkey Meatballs

I also have Mike's lunches to portion out, but I've got that system down so hopefully I'll be done soon and can go on to funner tasks like taking out the garbage. Or more funner like doing the dishes from all the stupid cooking. (I love you dishwasher.)

Alright alright, time to be done typing and avoiding the greater tasks in life. Hope your weekend was awesome possum. If not, there's only 5 more days 'till the next one.

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