February 25, 2015

OOTW - Something old, something new, something borrowed, something BLUE.

It's true I haven't done as many "mom style" posts lately - mostly because I'm trying to discern the direction of that whole thing (because I want it to be helpful, authentic, and not dumb) and plus taking selfies in my mirror just. feels. weird. But for today I have a few tippos (not hippos autocorrect. Geez, you'd think my computer would get me by now....) to share. Mostly on reviving old items and making them new, fresh, and lovable again.

We all have those things in our closet that have been there a loooong time but we just can't part with them. First of all, we should only keep them if we LOVE them - if they bring us JOY. If not, out it goes. (Still working on this one...) If it's sentimental, take a picture, then toss-a-roo.

That being said, I do have a few pieces I'm trying to see if I can update and make fresh/current - especially since my style has changed so much. I've realized what a minimal dresser I am want to become. Too many layers bug me (mostly because I'm chasing after children and get deathly hot at the grocery store) but too few and I'm freezing (my temperature regulation sucks).

So, I'm doing a trial run with pieces that, when held/touched/tried on bring me joy to see if they bring me the same joy and confidence while actually wearing them out of the house and not just in my bathroom.

TRIAL #1: My $10 Old Navy Dress

I love this dress. It is super flattering. I've worn it pregnant and not. I can nurse in it (adjustable straps). It's comfortable. But there was always something preventing me from grabbing it. I mean, it's totally versatile: can be worn in winter or summer, date night or with flip flops. Honestly, I think it was the flowers. If labeling style, I'm not really on the feminine side. Well, let me rephrase that. I want to be feminine but I still like something with edge. But not too much edge lest I start looking like a homey G. See, tricky. But the other Sunday I grabbed this baby for church and I think I found a way to update it and keep her in my closet.

Additions: long boyfriend blazer (to keep the look current) and my favorite blue shoes (to give it the edge I need). After wearing this to church I realized that I really do love this dress and, if paired with something funky, I'd totally rock it again (and again).

Verdict: KEEPER

Dress Old Navy similar here  ~  Jacket BP Nordstrom, old similar here  ~  Shoes Calvin Klein from consignment similar here

TRIAL #2: the "old" sweatshirt. 

Yes, it's a James Perse but I grabbed it off eBay and for some reason it just seems blah when worn on it's own. It needs a buddy. And since I don't like too much layering I had to find a way to make it work. Insert the ever-versatile- every-woman-needs-one chambray shirt. I've been searching for a good chambray (I've listed a couple below) for a looong time. I have requirements: it needs to be soft, easy to button (I like snaps not buttons), not be too tight on the shoulders OR too baggy and swallow me, a good color to go with other denim, and the collar needs to be able to stand up (because I like pulling a risky business now and then...but with pants). 

TA-DA, found it!

I also updated the sweatshirt with a couple necklaces, a watch (this pulls everything together), a simple gold ring, and my favorite boots. 

Verdict: KEEPER.

Chambray Topshop OR try this one!  ~  Sweatshirt James Perse  ~ Denim AG Jeans (on sale currently!)  ~  necklaces Stella and Dot  ~ Watch Karl Lagerfeld  ~  Ring Ariella Nordstrom  ~  Shoes Sam Edelman Petty Boot

TRIAL #3: the wrap sweater thing AND some old kicks. 

This is an old faux-wrap from Lululemon and the sneakers and from a few years ago, too. These are one of the most comfortable shoes I own and sniffle sniffle they don't make them anymore. The wrap I'm a little unsure of - something just feels off. I think I actually need a different camisole to go under, hmmmmm. But I can't quite part with it yet (I know I know) so I'm trying to find a way to make it work. 

Verdict: sweater, MAYBE. shoes, probably one more season left in them.

Wrap sweater Lululemon similar here  ~  Denim Joe's Jeans similar here (although TJ MAXX carries them a lot)  ~  Shoes Steve Madden (only size 10 left!)

TRIAL #4: vintage jacket and 5-year-old pants.

Lastly, a fail. I'm so glad I took a picture of this ensemble because it was the driving force for letting go. This jacket has served me well: purchased on consignment, worn through pregnancies and beyond. I love the vibe but now it's just too baggy and it needs someone taller (insert my sister, she scored with that baby. XOXO love you, ASH!) The pants are also too baggy at the knees and too long. I could hem them but they've gotten their use. I tried updating it with a cozy turtleneck and leopard shoes and, while the outfit works, the proportions are off. So the pants went to consignment and the jacket to a lucky sister and I'm happy to have things outta my closet and not just sit there.


Jacket Vintage/Consigned  ~  Turtleneck Loft  ~  Pants Sanctuary  ~  Shoes Target

So, there you go. Challenge of the day: pull something out of your closet that you haven't worn in a while and see if you can change it up with what you already own - think outside the box while still being YOU. If it still doesn't work then off it goes to a new home!

PS: sorry I didn't link to the last stuff...Lola is mad at me and wants a nap. NAP > Clothes


Jenna@CallHerHappy said...

That vintage jacket looks so awesome on you, but I know that feeling. If you can't stand it on, it will never come out of the closet! Glad your sister was able to score.

Also, all of those other outfits have me excited for losing the PP weight!

Jenny said...

You didn't happen to read "the Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up," did you? It's doing a number on my closet right now, which is nice, but also depressing as hell because hello pregnancy weight gain and not wanting to drop $$$ on a ton of crappy maternity clothes. (or $$$$$ on higher end maternity clothes).

Basically there are 11 things hanging in my closet right now, and every week that goes by I outgrow another of them...

Kristine Mauss said...

Jenna, thanks! This is the hardest part of letting go: when something looks OK on but just doesn't feel right.

Kristine Mauss said...

Jenny, I totally read that book, lol. LOVED it. I'm rolling my socks now, too, and that was transformed my life bahaha. And I wish I only had 11 things in my closet....someday ;) Oh, and just find two or three outfits and mix and match to rock them EVERYDAY!