February 9, 2015

This Weekend

Well, I'm currently typing from from our normal computer as, for some reason, my laptop just up an walked away. (And I'm trying to type quietly mind you because the computer butts up against the wall of Lola's room and despite the fact she has a fan AND white noise machine roaring every mother's fear is *waking the baby* so, you know….) But seriously, I had the computer on the counter to look at my recipe (I FOLLOWED A RECIPE. SUCCESSFULLY. Fondue. I guess throwing things into a pot guarantees you can't mess it up but I probably could find a way) and the next morning it was nowhere to be found. Dude, I'm getting annoyed. St. Anthony can you throw me a bone here?

Oh, and our fridge broke. Oh, and it leaked and ruined the hardwood floors but whatev because at least it wasn't the dishwasher (OR the coffee pot) plus I have cute pink toenails and it was sunny for 5 seconds on Sunday so it's all good. Well, broken fridge NOT all good 'cause that means I'm running back and forth to the outside fridge every 10 seconds (because someone is always eating in our household) but perhaps that's just good marathon training right? Right????? On the upside we will get to bunk up in a hotel for a few nights while the floors are getting fixed and since we have 17 children they'll have to put us up in a 5 bedroom penthouse suite, right? Right?????

Man, helllloooooo Monday.

Other than the fridge shiz it was a great weekend. Friday we chilled. Saturday we chilled, Sunday we kind of chilled (stupid fridge) and I even got 9 hours of sleep Saturday night. I'm forcing myself to go to bed early because Lola is in stupid sleep mode and if I have to get up twice that cuts back on my sleep quota by 40 minutes. Mostly because I fall asleep in the rocking chair while nursing her and wake up a half hour later and curse up a storm because if I just stayed awake feeding her it would only take 5-10 minutes. Hashtag only 5 more months of nursing…

But why don't I shut up know and show some pictures or something.

Melting Pot fondue recipe HERE. I substituted gluten free beer and Daiya dairy free Pepperjack cheese instead. Max ate it all because well, it had beer.

Documenting bedtime to remind myself that palm trees and bed before NINE are the best things in the universe-o.

Breakfast Sunday morning before church (always toast) but I added a side of love. Documenting that I'm sometimes nice to my children.

Mass attire. The most awesome, comfy nursing dress. Except I was dumb and didn't wear a nursing bra (I hate them with a passion of 1,000 fiery deaths. Does that even make sense? See, I hate them so bad I can't even describe it.)

Jacket Blanknyc  - Dress James Perse similar here (except mine's all jersey. Feels like jammies) - Shoes Aldo

Buckled floors. But look: PINK TOES!!! (Done by me. Anyone up for a pedi?? I'm due…)

And NO, MADONNA, NOOOOO! I, too, am the mother of a Lourdes and if my Lourdes ever caught me wearing something like this now or (heaven forbid) when I'm FIFTY I hope she digs my grave and throws me in. And then burns the hat. And the corset. Sorry for harming your soul but at least I didn't show you the picture where she mooned the camera. 

And lest you think life is oh-so-glamorous around these parts I give you my Sunday night selfie. But I spared you and didn't make it Extra Large. 

Bahahaha, who am I kidding, here you go. Madonna ain't got nothing on me.

PS: Oh my word, thank you to everyone who emailed/Facebooked/posted a comment on how much they needed the Litany the Humility. Or how it was the exact thing they needed to hear right at that moment. Totes the Holy Spirit I tell you. I had no idea what to write about that morning and He just whispered "how about this" and He nailed it on the head, like usual. Man, God is so good when we just listen! Happy Monday y'all!


Jen Y said...

With you on Madonna!

Lauren @ Here We Geaux said...

I feel ya on the painted toes! It's timeee for some warmer weather, and SUNSHINE! Have you ever tried Jamberry? I fell in love with it about a year ago and haven't looked back since! :)