February 17, 2015

This Weekend

This is going to be a "let's see how much I can cram into one post" sorta post. But to warn you I'm kind of grumpy because I made my coffee too watery and I just put coconut oil on my hands (which makes typing a bit problematic).

On Friday we had the newly ordained priest (newly as of last September) from our church over for dinner. An amazing young man from Africa and we are so lucky to have him at our parish. Really though it's a secret ploy to get one of my own boyz to become a priest because having a priest son means this mama would get so many prayers and shout outs to Heaven. J/K J/K. But really, we do talk to our kids a lot about what God wants from them (heck, I discerned a religious vocation for a year and Michael was in seminary for two....I always disclaimer that I met him after he left, lol). Anyway, His Will is the bomb and it's a matter of getting our littles to trust the Big Guy for all of their needs and desires.....

Playing church. Wouldn't Max look so cuuuute in Vestments???!!!!

Then it was Valentine's Day. I planned the day (well, the morning...not going out in those crowds) and it was so much fun. For a year we've been talking about the fact that I need to learn how to shoot a gun. So I suggested we hit up the gun range and then lunch afterwards. Not gonna lie, I was so. flipping. nervous. I think my heart was racing at the speed of light. But after I got the hang of it it was serisously....um...fun. My heart never stopped pounding but I channeled that adrenaline into mama-bear mode and pretended I was protecting my babies from the boogie man. I think I might take a few classes or something. 'Cause I did miss a couple times......

Lunch was awesome (I didn't get sick, I didn't get sick!) and then the afternoon we chilled from the food coma and I allowed my adrenaline to return to a normal state. AND OH THE SUN, THE GLORIOUS SUN. We dined with the kids and if you ever want to see a child obey, promise them chocolate fondue. Putty in my hands. Poor Levi induced his own food coma. And asked to go to bed 10 minutes into dessert.

Saturday was also a big day for Lolita (she turned 7 months!!) and Michael (he fractured a rib). Playing football. In his Locals. Hawaiian flip-flops are awesome but not awesome for interceptions. After grunting though the pain for a couple days he got some x-rays and yup, ba-roken. Watching the SNL 40 year reunion is funny but it's even funnier when you're watching it with someone who just took pain meds.

Sunday: church. And a Frozen party for Avila's friend. Nothing like 10 friends, a real Elsa, a whole bunch of sugar, and Let It Go on repeat to induce the most fun a little girl could have.

In the middle of Sunday night I awoke to Levi crying about monsters and after consoling him for a few minutes discovered he was actually covered in his own puke. AWESOME. After a change of clothes I set up the sleeping bag in our room and he did fine for a few hours until it was time for me to go nurse Lola. Of course....oh the irony. I heard him start coughing from the other room and I was mid feed and poor Michael couldn't really spring from bed so the sleeping bag got the brunt. AWESOME TIMES 7. Levi loved his 4am bath, I loved the fact I have a huge washing machine. He had a fever for literally 2 hours and then Monday seemed fine. I stuck him in our room again last night just to be safe but awoke again - this time to him under our bed, stuck. TOOOODDDLLLERS. I try to remind myself that at least he's snugglish and still has delicious cheeks.

There you have it. The sun and 60 degree weather made all the broken bones and puke crap a non-incident (well, at least for me. I still feel super bad for my Valentine) and this weather is going to hang out around for a while longer which makes my happy meter skyrocket. Nothing like driving home from a workout with the sun roof open, the sun setting over the water, and Jimmy Buffet on the radio. Heaven on a Monday afternoon. You know what else is Heaven? A short week with some adventures on the horizon. Bring it mid-February.

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