February 23, 2015

This Weekend

Whoa do I have a lot of emails stockpiled. Perhaps I'm waiting for a rainy day to finally go through them all. But it hasn't been raining. It's been fill-my-soul-sunny. And that sun was even more welcomed this past weekend when we jetted away (to another place with little cell service) on another family adventure.

This time we hit up Orcas Island. I'd been here a few times - a couple in college, once last year to run a trail race while I was 5 months pregnant with Lola - and I found a Groupon for a little cottage in Deer Harbor. It was great - tucked away, hot tub, enough space for cards and coloring and movie watching and cable TV. We don't have cable. So when I get to have my fill of HGTV I'm on it like donkey kong. Who cares if the TV was fuzzy and I couldn't really tell if the backslash was gray or white....

We also timed it with Levi's third birthday and gave him the ferry boat ride as a gift. Um, best gift ever for a 3-year-old boy.

We headed up Friday morning, caught the afternoon ferry and spent the rest of the day lounging.

On Saturday, we spent the morning down at the docks, then Michael took the three biggies to the beach while Lola napped. (and, um, I got a workout in, lol. WHILE watching HGTV. Bomb.com) After Lola woke up I packed a picnic lunch and we headed out for Mt. Constitution - the reason you go to Orcas. If you're lucky to have a clear, sunny day the view from the summit is what the stuff of heaven is made of. I was a kid in a candy store driving to the top. Although the whole way I wished I wasn't driving and instead running up the trails again. My heart is calling me back to the woods BIG TIME, people.

We spent about an hour hanging out, exploring some trails, and breathing in the view that will fill my soul for quite some time. This is the same spot I got a picture with Lola when I summited the mountain preggo.

After we got back to the cottage, the two littles (and daddy) napped while Max, Avila, and I hit up the hot tub. After being in baby mode for so long (and annoyed with toddler land) it is so nice when I get the time to hang out with the big kids. It makes me excited for when they keep getting older and I get to share in their lives, their hopes and dreams.

The rest of the evening was uneventful and the next morning we hit up the early ferry back home, Mass in Anacortes (ironically the retreat from the ministry I attended at college was going on at the same time....memories fo sho) then back home. And then maybe, just maybe, we stopped at the Lulu outlet. Wink wink.

No, it's not always easy traveling with four kids under 7. But this year I am determined as all get out to not let that hold me back. I've got packing and unpacking down...more on that later...and I really must say that the laid back bug has given me a good bite because I totally didn't let anything get to me this weekend. Well, perhaps we did get to the ferry a wee bit early. And perhaps my husband won't let me live that down. Oh well, it sure made for some interesting fun.....

Back home we celebrated Levi's birthday with a Pinterest worthy cake. Bahahaha, who am I kidding. It was totally a store bought chocolate muffin with some M&Ms and a cookie sprinkle for good measure. He said it was the best ever. Then proceeded to eat 2 bites and said he was full. Hashtag gotta love 3-year-olds. Hashtag not.

Now it's back to the grindstone for the week. So much laundry I think I might die. Laundry AND emails. Oh my.


Kathleen said...

Ahh I love Orcas Island. I'm born & raised in NJ, but 4.5 years ago spent a week on Orcas with my family. I had never even heard fo the San Juan Islands, but my mom was looking at a map and doing research and picked it as a vacation spot for us the year she turned 60 years old. It's so gorgeous out there.

Kristine Mauss said...

Awesome! Such an amazing place...