March 9, 2015

7 Quick Takes...eeeko I'm back edition

1. Um, yeah, lo siento about that. Apparently I just didn't feel like blogging last week. No offense, I still love you all XOXO but sometimes a break from things screen-related is good. But if you know me then you know that when the sun is a shining and the weather is a rocking I'm outside any chance I get so that must've taken priority. Oh and the 4 kids thing. Here's my peace offering. I even pulled over to take it which apparently made someone behind me mad so this picture comes with extra luv.

2. Yup, outside. I have a chair and a blanket by the garage door so I can pull them out when need be. And when it's winter (hence no leaves) we have a teeny tinny peekaboo sliver view of the water but it could be the size of a 3X5 postcard and I'd still be happy. Mmmmmm, the ocean. Filler-up Mr. Love Tank. I also got out on my board this weekend which was awesome - just me just me out on the sound singing praise and worship and chilling on my poor man's yacht. Except I was stalked for an hour by a little seal and it kind of felt like Jaws. First he'd pop up next to my board, then I wouldn't see him for 5 minutes, then he'd pop up behind me. Perhaps he wanted to tell me to stop singing.

3. Max loves his sister so much he kind of asks to marry her. Obv I say "no buddy" but whoever does get to marry this guy is one lucky lady. He is just so darned sweet. Nothing phases him, much like his daddy. AND you know what he prays for every night: for my mama, who's my teacher. OMGoodness heart swoon melt.

4. I posted about a smoothie recipe I'm in love with and mentioned that I added dairy (cottage cheese) just to see. Well, the just to see turned out to cause me to die. Well, not super dead but almost. I had the most horribly chapped/dry/red lips, I was bloated from here to kingdom come for days (you know you love that imagery), AND I was an emotional wreck. If there's a time when I can't control my emotions (other than the normal/usual mom-freak-out-yelling-mode) then I know it's food related. I cried people. Last Thursday. For no reason. Took the cottage cheese out and now I'm pretty much back to my normal selfie. Sooooo, I kept the recipe the same BUT added a cup of coffee and mmmmmmm it's a chocolate mocha thing now! Complete with awesome socks.

5. DOWNSIDE of said smoothie (and life in general)? I am so freaking cold. All the time. This was a 60 degree day and I'm in sweats, socks, and a couple the fire.

6. Library hold system = favorite thing in the world. I feel like it's cheating. Reserve online. Pick up in 5 seconds.

7. And one last for good measure: rocking no flour/nut/dairy/gluten muffin cupcake things.

2 bananas
6 dates
1 cup sunbutter

Blend in high powered blender or food processor. Top with dairy free chocolate chips and Bake in muffin tins (sprayed with coconut oil) for about 20-25 minutes at 350. They last about a day. If you can keep them around that long.....

Peace Out. More later.............


Lauren @ Here We Geaux said...

I hear you on the always being cold thing. I mean, I live in Louisiana, I shouldn't be freezing for months on end, right?!

Kristine Mauss said...

Seriously....hope you're warming up!