March 31, 2015

a date with my "best buddy"

Well, to be honest he wasn't really my best buddy....You see, we had issues him and I. That crazy toddler man who's the third wheel in everything and so emotional about life and easy to forget about unless I'm disciplining him.

Wait....discipline this face??

Last week I had a moment (or ten) where I realized that, perhaps, I am the problem. What if it's not the three-year-old that has the issues? What if it's mom???

You see, it's easy for Levi to get the shaft sometimes. I have to spend time with the other kids - nursing Lola, doing school with the biggies - but sometimes I can go a whole day without so much as reading him a book or (gasp, I might cry) giving him a hug.

And man, does this little man need his hugs.

So, on Saturday morning, after arriving home from a shweaty bootcamp, I told Levi we were going on a date, just me and him. I honestly didn't think he would get it but he turned to his brother and sister and said,

"WOW! Not YOU Avila. Not YOU Max."

I guess he does get it.

And, so, hand in hand we set out for lunch and a date. Rocking out to "Uptown Funk" in the car with the windows down...check. A yummy (gluten-free, vegan, I can eat it all meal) lunch at Viva...check. Strolling through the farmer's market and toy store at a leisurely pace...check. We chatted, squirmed (well, he did), people watched, dog petted, and just enjoyed being mama and kid. 

Of course, though, when we got home Max cried because he saw Levi got a new firefighter man at the toy store and then Levi hit Max and got said firefighter man taken away and then everyone was crying and Levi had to take a nap and all was returned to crazy normal. But that's OK. For those two hours Levi and I filled our little love tanks and I was reminded, once again, that I love this little man so much. Craziness and all.

A bit more snuggling, a lot more book reading, and tons and tons of hugs are the new prescription around here. For toddler dude and his mama. Because in moments like those you get moments like this:

Me: "Levi, knock knock."

Levi: "Who's there?"

Me: "Bokey."

Levi: "Bokey who?"

Me: "You're a bokey head."

Levi: "Oh, mama. That was AWESOME."

Yes, Levi. Yes it was.


Jen Y said...

I have to remind myself of this with Sky all the time. She's so good at playing on her own, or with the dog that I get caught up in getting thing done, and forget that she needs tons of cuddles, play time with me, books etc. Every time we start having a sting of bad days with her it's usually because I have been busy being busy with everything but her. Such a balancing act...and you are balancing 4 of them! It's awesome that you took the time to spend time with him and do a reset!

Kristine Mauss said...

Isn't it so easy just to go about our days?! Good for you for getting out so much with her - running, etc.