March 13, 2015

A March Daybook

A MIDDLE OF MARCH Daybook. A Friday the 13th Daybook. And TOMORROW IS PI DAY.

3-14-15 at 9:26:53 am I will be eating pie.

Outside...Gray. Sucky. And am I hearing rain????! (I wrote this part Thursday. Friday - today - is supposed to be awesome so I'll retract my complaints)

I am thinking about...dude, how fast these next few months are going to Fa-Fly by. How about the rest of this year? Kind of filling up fast. With awesomeness. Mauss Family Adventure awesomeness. And it's filling up with the hope of potty training Levi soooon.

I am hoping for...a spring that resembles our winter. And another paddle board so the hubs and I can adventure together. Hint hint wink wink mother's day birthday Christmas.

I am praying sister and her new job. She's gonna rock it.

I am thankful for...the ability to lower my heart rate at the drop of a hat. Hashtag thank you ultra-running.

I am reading...The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business. 15 pages in and it rocks.

We are learning...Max is reading! Like so barely, just a few words, but he's doing it man! And they are totally into story dictation at the moment. Max tells Avila a story. She writes it down (in Max's Story Notebook) and he draws the pictures.

From the kitchen...the same things on repeat. Kind of boring in these parts: chicken, fish, sweet potatoes, steamed veggies. Oh well, the kids eat it and I don't have to make 5,000 things. Plus Lola's joined the club. Her new fav: sunflower seed butter and jam sandwiches. And cookies.

I am working on...playing more with the kids. Our read-alouds are going great. But I'm working on sitting down to play cards or do puzzles and stuff like that.

I am struggling with...figuring out more health stuff. Oh my poor stomach is just so damaged. (Insert frowny face.) But at least this stuff makes me happy.

Around the house...Living on the wild side. AKA: not cleaning up the playroom before bed. The kids and their Legos are hard to divide and it's easier to let them be strewn (but just on the Lego table, I can only take so much) than hear "NOOOOOO, not my CREATION!"

Towards health and mentioned above I'm still trying to figure out why my poor stomach gets stabbed with knives and all twisted up when I eat certain things. Food log is helping and I think I've identified two more culprits: crappy coffee and FODMAP foods. Fresh ground coffee? Totes fine. Buy it in bulk from Coscto? Death trap. And you can read about FODMAP foods here, but it's safe to say more of my favs are out the window. I make a rocking cauliflower soup but it kills me so, ya know, gone. It's a cross fo sho. But we all have 'em I guess.

Towards faith...Ugh, trying to finish Lent strong. Michael and I are also praying the St. Joseph Novena (a prayers said for nine days straight) with a certain special intention but it's long and I'm grumpy reading it aloud late at night. But if I do it even if I don't wanna, do I get extra props or grace or candy on my sugar house in Heaven? Right, Lord, right?

One of my favorite things...LOLA. EVERYTHING ABOUT HER. (Except the fingernails that grow ridiculously fast and scratch the crap out of me.) Soaking up every moment with this girl. Her laugh. Her snuggles. Her discoveries of the world around her. The fact she is NOT crawling yet. Not even close people. A-Men. (And that milk face....bahahaha)

A picture to share...Shreds. One Teaspoon: My new favorite denim. Scour Amazon 'cause you'll find them cheaper there - and with a 20% off coupon code (20OFFDENIM entered at checkout) these found their way to my spring chicken legs.


Lauren @ Here We Geaux said...

Tell me more about this heart rate lowering thing (well minus the running part, please)?

Kristine Mauss said...

Sure! How about I do a little post about it in the quick takes on Friday??