March 10, 2015

Dude, where's my bed?

I should totally be sleeping right now ('cause hashtag stupid time change) but alas I'm watching my one episode of The Bachelor for the year and now I'm sucked in ('cause hashtag who will he choooooose?) And now I want to live on a farm in Iowa. 

I mean, I'm not just tired from the whole loss of sleep thing but also from tattle-tale kid drama AND migraine workout drama. Pushups + exploding head = a silent Kristine for an hour that just busted it out and didn't complain. Except for now. I'm complaining now.

But what I really wanted to share daughter. That crazy beautiful girl who turned 7 last week (and who will have her dates grilled like the Bachelor - and now he's choosing the RING. My pick: the big sparkly one! Ooooooooo...)

Aaannnyway, we gave baby girl the choice of a present or an experience for her b-day and she chose dinner with just mom and dad. "And no where fancy, mom." We ended up at El Gaucho, my bad. What can I say, we had a gift card. (That I couldn't find on our way out the bad again.) Watching her order a Shirley Temple, attempt to eat a raw oyster, and try the beet salad - not to mention all the conversation - she was just. so. grown up. A little girl and a big girl all wrapped into one. Man, is this kid special. Her heart? Selfless. Her self control? OMgosh gimme some of that. Her peaceful nature? I could learn a lesson or five. She's sure come a long way from the toddler who screamed herself to bed every night until age 3. (love you, Avila XOXO)

In keeping with the box-cake-put-stuff-on-top theme she wanted a Frozen cake and it's the third confectionary delight I've made IN A ROW without screwing up some ingredient. Hashtag for the win.

But forget El Gaucho. 'Cause the girl's actual birthday dinner was more her style. She requested rice (plain, mom), and hard boiled eggs (with lots of mayonnaise, mom). 

Dude, I love this girl.


Lauren @ Here We Geaux said...

We eat a lot of rice, but never plain (that's the Cajun in me). However, I have to ask...mayo and boiled eggs????

Kristine Mauss said...

Hahaha, I know right?! She's a special girl. LOL