March 18, 2015

getting my sweat on - 2X5 style.

 Like 2 feet by 5 feet is all I have to work out in style.

Going on vacay for 4 days (Thursday-Sunday) I knew I would miss three workouts. One I can handle. Two is pushing it. But THREE? No bueno. I knew if I didn't get my move on somehow I would probably die (or be grumpy. the latter is worse) and since I didn't know what the running sitch would be like I packed up my adjustable weights (these babies have been a-round), my bands, and my furniture sliders. Yup, you heard that right.

So, instead of hitting the gym Thursday night I made sure to get in a weight circuit at home - that morning before we left. Friday I took as my usually rest day and Saturday morning (when Lola was napping and the big kids hit the pool with daddy) I busted out this little ditty:

In addition to the above I finished with 100 band walks (50 per leg) and 4 rounds of 10 band pull-aparts.

And this is literally the amount of space I did it in.

But that's OK 'cause I got to watch CABLE. And Real Housewives at that. Be still my heart.

PS: love the pink chair I used for dips? Kind of wanted to steal it.

Aaaaannnnyyyway, there you go. I didn't write the weight I used down but I lifted as heavy as I could - reaching failure by the last rep or two. It only took me 45 minutes (plus 5 for a funny little warm-up) and it must've been a good sweat session because I woke up sore the next AM. 

The next day, beings Sunday, I usually run and had the intention of dong so when we got home but after unpacking, doing laundry, getting random crap back in order I said screw it and vegged. Balance people. Balance.

So, there you have it. No excuses right? Especially if you can make it work between a bed and a wall. Next to a heater.

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