March 12, 2015

Lent...the lite version

Well, I have a confession. (Actually Confession is probably good during Lent...wink wink.) But this year we are so doing Lent Lite. I mean, in year's past I kind of had my crap together: coloring pages, a crown of thorns, activities to get our little hearts and souls ready. But this year I'm treading water. Partly because we just have so much going on (and a baby. Still have to remind myself of that one) and partly because I'm just in a stage of life where everything has to be simple.

My printer's broken so no coloring pages. I haven't gotten the ingredients together so no Crown of Thorns. And the only activities we've done so far are talk about Lent. But the funny thing is that, well, it works. The kids are pretty much just doing a sacrifice a day (one day it's giving up TV, the next day it's giving up treats, the next day it's taking money from their spend jar and putting it into Give) and we talk about why it's important to prepare our hearts for Jesus to die and rise. We'll go to Stations and participate in at least one Holy Week Service and read some books on Easter but that's probably it.

Actually now that I write it all down and say it out loud it doesn't sound so dinky. Not that simple is bad - it's oh so good - it's just that it's easy to feel like I'm cheating my kids when really doing the bare minimum is sometimes the better way. So if you're in the same boat as me: awesome sauce. Let's turn that crappy boat into a catamaran and sail into the sunset of doing just enough...and filling the gaps with love. Good ol' old fashioned love.

There, that's not so bad after all.

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