March 31, 2015

Phone Dump 6.0

Dumping el phono on this last day of MARCH. Aaaand, yes, I WILL be off to the Apple Store tonight to get it fixed. I've been putting it off for days and days. Bleh.

Peace out March. Welcome April.

My uniform as of late: distressed denim, my free people tank, an oldie plaid from target, and my swedish hasbeens via Amazon.

And Lola's favorite baby food combo: steamed carrots, peas, spinach, cilantro, thyme, salt and pepper, and coconut oil.

They're multiplying or breeding. Living on the edge used to mean motorcycles and cliff jumping. Now it means going to bed without cleaning up the Legos.

Hashtag parenting fail. Hashtag playing with the medicine.

Boys doing some Holy Week stuff. And that globe? It's a PUZZLE Avila put together. Awesome sauce. You can find it here.

Miss two teeth grumpy pants loves her plastic measuring stuff. And snacks. She loves snacks.

Bone Broth. Errryday. And these bracelets and sweatshirt/quarter zip running thing errryday. And Lola pulling on my necklace errryday.

LAUNDRY. But look for a post coming soon on how I do laundry in less than an hour and a half a week. Seriously. Not joking. Trying to get it down to an hour but who am I kidding.

And lastly....outside all the time....enjoying this amazing spring God has blessed us with. AMEN. 


Gretchen Davis said...

Loving the spring here too! I'm so looking for to reading about the laundry solution because I need to get it together in that area! Super cute bracelets.

Kristine Mauss said...

Laundry = ugh?! Yup, I'll share soon! And yay yay yay for warmer weather coming :)