March 30, 2015

this weekend. AKA: the surfing edition

Yesterday we went out to Michael's parents' place to celebrate Easter with his side of the fam. (PS, side note: prayers for his sister's pup: he was attacked by coyotes and is in serious condition. So sad for the little guy...and for the little boys who love that dog so much!)

His family lives on the water so naturally I bring my poor man's yacht and hit the sound whenever I can. But pulease ignore the awkward picture - that would be me trying to keep my board from slamming into my face as I got into the times.

Except yesterday was a biiiit eventful. Between the head wind and the waves it felt more like surfing and I didn't realize my feet were numb until I hit the beach after a two mile paddle/rock n' roll wave sesh. But that's OK....I had some Amos Lee and Florence + The Machine to keep me company on the water (no stalking sea lions this time) and some cozy socks waiting upon my return home.

Oh, and THIS. This upon my arrival: the sweetest grandpa/granddaughter moment. They are so in love.

Grandma had a super fun Easter egg hunt set up for all the cousins and lots of yummy candy and lots and lots of bike riding, beach playing, and hide-in-the-new-puppy-crating. Good times all around.

And this guy? Can't get enuuuuffff.

And my still broken phone camera (I have to take everything backwards, can't you tell): yup, so over it. Ugh, to the Apple Store I go.

And one more of toddler man. We had an awesome date this weekend (more on that later when I don't have dishes and laundry and remnants of the weekend staring at me in the face) and it was much needed. We've been at war with each other and now we're buddies again.

ONE MORE, ONE MORE. Girlfriend you getting too big. But keep getting bigger so you don't suck at night anymore. Hashtag 9 month sleep regression.

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