April 6, 2015

Happy Easter!

Happy Happy Joy Joy! He is RISEN! Dude, we have been waiting for this day for, like, 40 days or something. Last night Max said he wanted to give up the treat I offered him as a sacrifice and I said, "No way, buddy! It's EASTER!! And we get to have treats and party and celebrate for FIFTY days!"

Insert a wide-eyed, over-joyed, soon-to-be-5-year-old boy.

OH, and Insert totally reconstructed Instagram photo.

Here's the real backstory AND the outtakes: tired baby (who "sang" all of Mass...I guess it is a high liturgy...), kids who were dying for grandma's homemade cinnamon roll, and a mama who just wanted her Easter pictures. C'mon, kids I birthed you. You owe me two seconds in a photo.

"Levi, come here or I will eat your cinnamon roll."

"Avila, stop making silly faces or I will eat your cinnamon roll."

It was a blessed day and a good weekend (away from home, where I could finally sit down....) and we are so excited for the Easter season. 

After getting home and all unpacked (we've been traveling so much I have it down, man. Home and unpacked/laundry in/car washed and vacuumed in an hour...Mike does the car stuff....I do the other stuff) Michael took the boys to see a movie. Boy time: much needed. Avila stayed down with my parents and sister for an extra day (but I lied and told Max she was doing something else 'cause, well, sometimes as a parent it's OK to lie) and it was just me and Lola girl to finish up around the house. I had crap to do, and well a mama's gotta do what a mama's gotta do:

Time to party. And celebrate. AND stare at the flowers the husband got me (I almost wrote hot...yes, he's hot too) after a really really tough week. BUT things are on the upswing and I thank everyone who reached out to me after my last post. THANK YOU!! I didn't mean to leave you hanging about all my health crap but I will share...tomorrow. 

OH, and stay tuned! Major things are happening around these parts. The Fire Within is getting a brand-spankin-new makeover: new face, new name, new everything. Kind of jumping out of my skin excited. Yay for Easter!

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