April 2, 2015

What a WEEK.

Or should I say, what a HOLY WEEK.

And not really holy on my part - just, well, full of everything a holy week should be full of: trials, sufferings, crap going wrong, tears...you know...the usual pre-Good Friday stuff.

I guess God really wants me to join Him on that cross.

Honestly, I should've seen it coming. Things were rolling quite well around these parts. Nothing really hard, scary, or all that bad was going on. And funny thing is that it was making me uncomfortable.

I know, I know...I should be content even and especially during the good times, right? I can't twiddle my thumbs waiting for the next bad thing to happen. 'Cause that's a silly (and sad) way to live. But perhaps it was something different - perhaps my discontentment in everything going well is that there is just something special about suffering.

Before you roll your eyes, hang with me a sec.

You see, the times in my life where I have felt most at peace are the times I'm suffering. Pregnancy, baby crap, life, situations, etc etc etc are all times, oddly enough, where I have been content. And honestly I think this is why I am so drawn to ultra-running. There is contentment found not only in conquering mountains but also in taking just one more step when you can no longer, um, move. 

So, all that being said, I was thrown for a loop this week. Details later 'cause Lola is whining for a nap (me tooooo) but it has come in the form of major discernment, major life changes, health diagnoses I have been waiting years to hear, and just general over-whelmedness. (whoa, that's actually a word.) I guess it's good timing with Good Friday and all and I guess I will just climb up on that cross and anticipate the Easter awesomeness to come. And I will find a PEACE in this next phase - even if it's crazy tough.

And now it's time to unplug and preee-pare for the next few days. See you on the Easter flip-side.

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