February 7, 2008

baby love

Well, baby Mauss is due to arrive in less than 2 1/2 weeks! This time of preparation is drawing to a close and my heart is made aware, more and more each day, of the joys, anxieties, and downright newness of parenthood. I have hit all the highs and lows of horomones (sorry Michael), nesting (sorry Michael, again) and attempting to "prepare" for the little one we have been so anxious to meet. I have still been feeling pretty good - well, during the day at least. It's around my husband I let my "A game" go, and yet, he's the one I should be the best around! But, the power of forgiveness, coupled with pulling the pregnancy card =), has gotten me by.

I never realized what "nesting" meant until last weekend, when I was up at 1:00 in the morning, cleaning the bathroom. The house is pretty much ready, with most projects coming to a close for now. Um....except for the garage we started building out back! Since November we have redone the bathroom, finished the baby's room (with my dad today bringing up the beautiful changing table/dresser he built!), painted our bedroom, finished rewiring the entire house, put new trim around the doors and floors, put in new closets (literally built them) in hallway and bathroom (where the old chimney was), and finished odds and ends in the kitchen. I will have pictures soon, I promise!


I have also been experiencing uber "baby love" these past couple weeks. Not only did I have a baby shower in Vancouver, but the teachers threw one at school, my classroom parents threw a surprise shower for me, Shelley and Marta had a beautiful one in Gig Harbor, and the priest at our church a while back said all the ladies wanted to throw one there, too! Needless to say, baby Mauss is stocked up =) At the shower at school, the moms and dads kicked me out of my classroom for an hour at lunch, brought me lunch and coffee, and when I returned the kids had decorated and there was a beautiful cake awaiting my eating! Not only that, but each child brought in a new copy of their favorite children's book from when they were "little!" They put their pictures inside and wrote baby Mauss a note. They each also wrote Michael and I letters with advice on what to do and not do with the baby, such as "don't drop the baby!", and included a special blessing for us, as well. The parents bought us a plant that blooms every February (and the leaves are pink! Does that mean something??)

Shelley and Marta had theirs at Marta's parents' beautiful home in Gig Harbor. It was wonderful to see family, college friends, and many other friends that have supported us along the way. I am grateful to Shelley and Marta for all the work they did, and I'm super excited to return the favors to them someday (hopefully) soon!!! hehe...

the cake Shelley had made to match the invites:

And finally, we are also grateful to Shelley for taking her time to do preggy pictures down at the farm! It was a beautiful Sunday morning and I know baby Mauss will be excited to see mommy's tummy like this when he or she gets older! You can click here for a sneak peak at the pics:


And, here is one of my own, taken at 37 weeks. The baby took a total growth spurt but has leveled off the past week or so. I can't wait to meet you soon, baby, on the outside!

and looking at this picture, I can totally tell the baby has "dropped" since then! wohooo!


kris said...

kristine - you are so beautiful in those pics!! I kind of envy you with your pregnant status...Here I am with a new baby and I'm jealous? You'd think I'd be FAR from wanting or missing being pregnant. Not so. I find that I look at pregnant mom and there little one there inside them and I really miss that!! Try to remember how you're feeling and enjoy it as much as you can. I truly believe that those who find joy and peace in pregnancy have an easier time finding joy and peace with their new little baby once he/she arrives! You truly do start the bonding BEFORE baby is born!! God bless! - Kris

The Herring family said...

Kris, I was thinking about you tonight! So glad to see the pictures and hear the update. I'll give you a call tomorrow to hear more! :) We love you three. Want me to have Tom call Mike for "how-to-get-through-labor-and-delivery tips?" ;)