February 26, 2008

come and gone (sort of)

Well, my due date has come and gone - at least according to the doctor. His estimated due date was Sunday, the 24th, but since Mike and I know the date our little one was conceived the correct due date is actually today, February 26 (which happens to be Kelsey's 21st Bday!!! I am more than ready to have that glass of wine with you Kels!)

Michael and I can't express how grateful we are to everyone who is praying for us. I get emails and phone calls daily about all the prayers being said, and this means so much to us. A good friend of the family, Fr. Raftis, S.J., even said Mass for the intention of Mike, myself, and baby Mauss and said a blessing over me and our delivery last Sunday. I know my kiddos at school are still praying for us, and we offer all we can, as well.

These prayers have become even more important and special the past couple days. I went to the doctor yesterday thinking the train was getting a movin', however left discouraged when he said I'm hardly dilated and the baby is not wanting to settle into position. Since the predicted weight is larger than average (I wonder why, Mr. 9lb. 8oz. Mauss) the doctor was having concerns that the baby might not "fit." I had to do all I could yesterday to lift up all your prayers and repeat over and over "Jesus, I trust in You!" Now, I'm not looking for an easy labor and delivery (there is no such thing!) I just know that because so many people are praying for us God will provide the safe and holy delivery we are striving for.

We went back today for my regularly scheduled appointment, had another ultrasound, and the doc seemed a bit more encouraged this morning. Other than my placenta getting "older," the baby doesn't seem too huge and he (or she) is more engaged and ready to go than yesterday. So...it is still a waiting game! I really don't mind being pregnant, as I'm not all that uncomfortable. We're just anxious. Everything seems ready - especially our hearts. But the best thing about patience is it reinforces God's Divine Providence. He knows what is best and only hindsight will be able to reveal how He works. So, reiterating what I've been telling myself over and over...Jesus, I trust in You!

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Unknown said...

Oh, still praying. You were really on my mind as I drove to work this morning; I thought maybe you were in labor. I've got Mom looking out for you, and I've asked St. Gerard Majella (patron saint of motherhood/safe delivery) to intercede, too. Take it easy. Know that you, Michael and Baby Mauss are well loved and being held up in prayer and good wishes. xo -- Kate