February 13, 2015

7 Quick Takes

1. Every night each kid wants me to snuggle them up and read books before bed. Totally awesome except for the fact that by bedtime I'M DONE with kids and to do this with the three biggies takes like an hour. I would say to them, oh how about tomorrow or maybe later or not tonight because mommy's tired....and then I realized that if I kept up these shenanigans that one day they would just stop asking. To have a toddler stare into your eyes and beg you to read a book to him and then say no was like a dagger in my heart every night. So, how do I reconcile the desire that I want to squish them up with a hug and a book with the fact that I really do need some non-kid time before bed? I've started an alternating schedule. On Mondays/Wednesday I snuggle Avila. On Tuesdays/Thursdays I snuggle the boys. And, man, it totally works. I don't feel guilty anymore for telling toddler man sorry on Mondays because I know he'll get his fill the next night (plus they con daddy into 1,000 books before bed anyway....) and Avila doesn't give me a sad face when I say I'm too tired because now I really do have time for her. Whoever invented scheduling gets a hug. And they should get it from Levi 'cause he gives the best ones.

2. Came home from my workout last night to find this: the girls bathed and all ready for bed, Avila reading to her sister. One of these nights I'll stick the portable crib in Avila's room and they can bunk together. I think Avila will die the night that happens.

3. Welp, I'm glad I haven't done my hair post yet because a good friend just emailed me yesterday about the hair products I've been using known to CAUSE HAIR TO FALL OUT. OMGoodness I think I've been hyperventilating for two days now. I have been using WEN for about a year now and loved it. But when she emailed me the CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT claiming that it causes hair loss I put two and two together because I've been noticing a lot of breakage lately. And apparently it happens at the 6-9 month mark. I'm trying to give up swearing but shizzzzzzzz. This stuff was amazing, at first. Now I threw it away. Thank the heavens I was at the end of the bottle anyway. Hair post still to come and I'm about to try a different shampoo/conditioner in the same line as my other products so I'll review those bad boys and do a little diddy here. Eeeeeeek. (I'm not going to cry I'm not going to cry it's juuuust hair.....)

4. I'm currently halfway through my second (back-to-back...been rolling since September) Innovative Fitness Transformation Challenge. And this week I stepped it up a notch mentally and physically. Lifting heavier, pushing harder, working more and more on my form - gotta finish strong. I currently lift 3 days a week (M/W/Th), do training camp (still weights but faster rounds) on Saturdays, and I do sprints two days a week (T/Sun). Friyays are my rest day. Wait, that's today wahoooie!!! Which is a good thing because my yittle quads couldn't get outta bed this morning. Also working on cleaning up my diet even more as I realized that some artificial sweeteners had snuck their way in and I think it's the reason my body fat % has stalled these past few weeks. Bye Bye Quest Bars. Oh well, tomorrow is cheat day AND Valentine's and the (hot) hubs and I are going to check out a new Asian restaurant that is supposed to be gluten-free awesomeness.

5.  Broken fridge update: on day 6 of no fridge in the house but seriously whatever. I'm maj proud of myself for handling (almost) all of the insurance stuff and setting all the random appointments for people to come out and get things rolling. I had to have these seriously loud fans and mats run FOR TWO DAYS and it sounded like an airplane hanger in here but, hey, at least it drowned out the dumb boys' fighting and they totally sucked up tons of water under the hardwoods. We caught it early so it really isn't as bad as it could've been although I do get new floors (WIN). But I had to buy a new fridge (NOT WIN) but it's a freaking awesome new fridge (SO KINDA WIN). Everyone has home crap happen at some point or another and the best solution is just to roll with it. Me even saying this may seem like a shock to those who knew the former Kristine (who would freak out over a pillow out of place) but apparently 4 kids makes me numb to anything sucky. Plus it's totally a first world problem so I can't be all that upset about it......

6. I know I said I don't do sweats but for some reason I have been living...LIVING...in these and I'm so not ashamed. They are so cozy and it must be all this gray outside so I guess by wearing gray I'm counteracting the other gray but at least my outfit is only three shades of gray and not 50. Peace.

Sweats Zella  - Sweater Tildon  - Tshirt Innovative Fitness. Boom.

Oh, and I live in my 90's Adidas slides. And I live for baby feet.

7. The kids (and Michael) love hamburgers but I hate cooking them on the stove and I hate forming the patties (raw meat = nasty) so I found a way to make them (once), cook them not on the stove or grill, and everyone is happy. I combined two different recipes on Pinterest and it pretty much goes like this:

-Line a roasting pan with foil
-Make a patty of lean ground beef (I actually used organic Bison...freaking yum)
-Make an X on each and top with a sprinkling of Worcestershire sauce, some garlic salt and pepper
-Top with 1tsp butter (I used Earth Balance Soy/Dairy Free butter)
-Bake at 475degrees for about 10 minutes or until internal temp reaches 140
-Let cool and wrap in plastics wrap and foil and freeze. Pop those babies out when it's time for a burger

PS: homemade luncheable. Not $16.

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