April 8, 2015

From sick to not sick...Part 2

OK, before I commence Part 2 of this baby, I have to pat myself on the back. Who cares if bragging takes away some heaven points because yesterday I endured Poop-ma-geddon and didn't get a lick mad. Or say one swear word. It was inevitable I guess that the boys sneak some gluten or red dye #5 candy somewhere - especially after 5,000 Easter egg hunts and lots of yummy goodies lying around (on the ground...Levi likes to eat off the ground) and while I will spare you the details let's just say I was scrubbing walls.

BUT I DIDN'T TURN INTO THE HULK. I was calm, people. CALM. And now I feel on top of the world. Bring it on, toddler diapers. You a'int got nothin' on me....Actually don't bring it on. I'm so over those.

OK, Back to our regularly scheduled programming. But not sharing this failed muffin recipe. Bad...it was bad.

This is Part 2 of my "from turning sick to (hopefully soon) not sick series. Part 1 can be found here, where I explain everything my 5'1" body is going through. This part will focus on the steps I'm taking to get better. Disclaimer: check with your doctor before taking medical advice (which I'm not really giving - mostly just sharing my experience) and if you need a recommendation in my area I have some awesome names for you. Also, this is what's working for me so even if you're dealing with the same *stuff* you may need things tweaked here and there.

AND to make it easy on the eyes (and fingers...at 5:30am...yes, you're welcome. I set the alarm extra early to bust this baby out) I will use bullet points. Short and sweet. Just like me yesterday when I didn't lose it over poop.

**Celiac disease: this one's pretty simple. Avoid all wheat, barely, rye, oats. None of it allowed in the house, sorry. I'm crazy psychotic about checking every label and I'm the weirdo that brings food pretty much everywhere I go. Even to Florida for 5 days - yup chicken in the carry on. I don't eat at events or parties or restaurants unless the chef personally comes out to explain to me exactly how/where he's prepared something and even then it's with reservation. I don't ever let myself get down about it - it's just life and the cards I was dealt. I just suck it up and, during meals out, I order champagne and focus on the conversation of those around me - not just the meal.

**FODMAP Intolerance: You can read about it here but basically it's the inability to digest certain foods. Probably goes hand in hand with my leaky gut. Some things on the list are watermelon (sniffle sniffle), onions, garlic, cauliflower, beets (sniffle again) pears, apple, and on and on. Discovered this one after I was COUCH RIDDEN for 5 HOURS after consuming a homemade beet and cauliflower soup. Poor husband had to come home from work I was in so. much. pain. Most grains also bug me as do legumes and peanuts. Not really related to the FODMAP but keeping a food journal helps identify any culprits.

**Dairy Intolerance:  pretty self-explanatory. No dairy. I tried to incorporate some back in a month or so ago and was left with a horribly scaly mouth and canker sores. Anything related to the skin/mouth is food related. Hence Levi's cheeks yesterday. If your kids have these cheeks, get them checked out! And if anyone suffers from canker sores, get them checked out! It could be gluten/dairy/or a host of anything else.

**Low Iron: My initial doctor missed this one the first time around (when I was running marathons, quite a few months before getting pregnant with Lola). I even ran my 50 miler anemic. Wahoooo. Got on supplements a few months later and they are totally helping. Took them throughout my pregnancy, because low iron and babies growing is not a good combo.

**Fat Malabsorption: You can read about it here. Working on this one naturally (here is a good list) but basically upping my digestive enzymes before meals, avoiding grains, adding in more coconut oil, and fermented foods. I also take L-Glutamine to repair the intestinal lining.

**Yeast Imbalance: The overuse of antibiotics has created such a horrible gut/yeast imbalance in our culture. Yes, they're necessary sometimes (like with all my births - group B strep positive and they save babies' lives) but they are still overused in many cases. Symptoms: bloating, red scaly yeast rashes (hence Lola's rash on her back and behind her ears), stomach pain, thrush (I had oral thrush 3 years ago and it was the most painful thing I ever went through. Knives in my mouth. I went to the ER after not being able to eat or drink for 3 days. They had no idea what it was and then the Holy Spirit or something popped this idea into my head and when I started treating it for thrush it went away). My treatments include a super-powerful probiotic (found here - I take mine twice a day), Vitamin C, Diatomaceous Earth (FOOD GRADE), and an anti-Candida diet. Here is also a spit test you can use to see if you have an overgrowth of yeast. When you start to kill off the little buggers you'll feel like you're going through drug withdrawals: brain fog, dizziness, the shakes, flu-like symptoms, cravings. I had to be careful with the die-off this time around while nursing as Lola got grumpy for a few days as the toxins were leaving my system. Epsom salt baths and LOTS of water helped with the detox. As did reminding my husband that I would be crazy for a few days.

OH and side note, side note: bone broth! Sharing maƱana.

OK, tomorrow I will finish up this bad boy and chat about what I'm doing for the Adrenal Fatigue and  Endometriosis. And what I'm doing for the kids. And a big ol' picture/list of all my supplements (a lot of which anyone can take and benefit from). Because I'm tired of typing and you probably need a coffee break. But not too much coffee, lest it taxes the adrenal glands. OH MY WORD, just please don't take away my coffee.


* Chrissy * said...

A: you're brave for sharing your struggles. B: there's an amazing spread waiting for you in Heaven so when you're feeling down just think of that. And C: what the heck CAN you eat? (Insert big smiley face and a wink)

K. James said...

I agree with Chrissy... brave! I see all the food/smoothie pics you post so I know you can eat but when one reads this post it sounds as though you have no choices at all! Looking forward to tomorrow's post.