April 13, 2015

this weekend

Well, a busy bee little weekend we had. Full of lots and lots of good (kind-of-crazy-at-costco) kid time. A mama needs alone time but sometimes more fun than that is just bringing a kid along. One kid. Turning something ordinary into a fun little date. AND making errands slash normal life a bit more lively. 

Avila and I hit up the coffee shop and got our little toes-ies done after church yesterday. I'm kind of jealous of the gold glitter she chose. We chit-chatted, read books, and she told me all the amazing stories in her head. But everyone thought I was her sister, bahahaha.

On Saturday I chose the worstest time in the entire world to go to Costco. But it was bearable (lol, I'm on a roll) 'cause I had this dude with me. This FIVE-YEAR-OLD dude. He helped me stay calm when 10,000 people were blocking every entrance to every aisle and he helped push a cart through the parking lot (we had two, eek). He used his birthday money to buy Mr. Brown Bear Brown Bear what do you see? and his little voice from the back seat chanting along was just. so. melt my heart.

And, yes, FIVE. Friday was the big day. Five is like the transition from little kid to big kid and it is a special day for all. Seriously, when kids turn five things just get easier. Levi has two longish, better snuggle those cheeks now years to go.

And speaking of Levi, he wanted a date too so he chose to be Mr. Hair Stylist. Super fun getting a Lego wheel stuck in your hair.

Lola gets mama all the time and I tried to distract her with some golf (PS: I love love watching golf...it's so peaceful and relaxing...) but she chose to unfold errything instead. Don't let the angelic Instagram filters fool you - she's trouble man.

And now, Monday. Fresh week. Busy week. 
But my kid-love-tank is kind of brimming over so it's all good. 


* Chrissy * said...

I love mommy and one-child-dates. They're so special and fun.

Unknown said...

I know! So fun, right?!